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Just by the name, you can tell that it is a friendly website. This is a smart approach to attracting students to the website since many other learning sites are rigid and too official. was designed to help high school teens understand books and literature. It contains information of all sorts, from biology and music to mythology and much more. They also have a prep section to help you get ready for tests. It is like a school that’s online. The tool is also for educators who can use it for a fee. They get to choose materials depending on the standard primary subjects. Educators can as well find videos on shmoop com which can help them wrap up a topic in a creative way.

The Basics of

The founder of shmoop com, Ellen Siminoff, said she wants to propel the site from being a study guide to becoming the first online textbook for high schools in America. It is a known fact that doesn’t just provide essential topics but also obscure ones like the US Gilded Age. This is a unique dimension to other academic online tools. Even as we write this shmoop review, it reminds us of textbooks on topics like ethics and biography. We feel that Siminoff’s dreams are not entirely in sync with the website. Just by visiting the page, it has a “too busy” effect, and one can easily get lost navigating through it. For it to look like a textbook site, they need to cut out on the overwhelming features and focus more on the books.

Billing at shmoop com

There are both free and premium packages at The package plan for the educators differs from the students’ plan.

For students, the package plan entails:

  • Month to month – $24.68
  • 12 months – $150
  • College Plus, monthly – $87.68
  • As for the educators, the package involves:
  • Month to month – $24.68
  • 12 month – there is a package plan for $150 and $300
  • If you’re a first time subscriber, regardless of whether you’re a student or an educator, you will be entitled to a 24-hour free trial before they charge you.

Services Offered at

As previously mentioned, the website looks busy with a lot going on. Firstly, if you’re the unsmiling type who likes to get straight to the point, is not the site for you. Considering it is an educative site, the tone of voice used all through is not encouraging. But if you can overlook that, these are some of the services offered at shmoop com:

  • All test prep – These are SAT, ACT, PSAT, and AP Exams
  • Videos – These videos are for test prep, foreign languages, life skills, literature, college, and careers among many more.
  • Courses – College credit courses, writing, preparation, business and profession, English, science, humanities among others.
  • For educators, they offer a teachers’ guide and encyclopedia, elementary curriculum praxis, and much more.

Quality of Service at

The quality of service offered at shmoop com is impressive. This is not the type of learning tool that will leave you asking yourself “is shmoop legit?” Their services are apparent, and though there are not many testimonials for the site, the ones that we found were majorly positive. The content they offer is extremely informative for both the educators and the students.

For the kids who have read the books, it does provide a helpful resource. All the books that have been listed on their website give a basic summary, an in-depth study, and other crucial information that an educator can refer to when they ask their students to write essays about those topics. The only disappointing aspect of is the fact that some of the services they have listed have no details available. For example, science help and math help do not have any content on them. This then limits someone who needs assistance in this area. They should ensure that they provide help in all subject areas to attract and retain potential clients.


Ellen Siminoff’s dreams are valid. The website is a remarkable study guide for students. It can indeed have the potential to become the only online textbook tool for all high school programs. It also helps educators in finding different methods of teaching which captivate the student’s attention. As a parent who is either homeschooling children or just hands-on, it can help you track the progress of your children. Shmoop com has the potential to grow and even carter for the first year undergraduate programs. If they redesign the website to look a bit more professional and reduce the amount of advert pop-ups, it can attract clients exceeding their expectations. From this shmoop review, you can decide for yourself if it is worth checking out or not.

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