An Objective Review of the Website

There are plenty of custom writing services you can find on the Web. Some of them state they will write a paper for you from scratch. Others can provide you with cheap or even free essays someone has already written. The problem with the latter is that you can’t be sure that you are the only one who has downloaded the file and that you can hand it in without being expelled for plagiarism. Custom papers seem to be the best option, but there are two aspects to consider before you turn to them. First, they are quite expensive. Secondly, there is always an issue of ethics. Although such companies promise that their papers are ‘100% yours,’ but they are still written by a professional writer. This Gradesaver review is aimed at showing you that there is another alternative for top students.

The Scope of Services

Let’s presume you have ordered a custom paper. You have handed it in and got (under ideal circumstances) the desired A-grade. What’s next? If you have no time to write the paper, will you find any to ‘learn something new from a professional writer’? Is this the last essay you will be assigned to write? What will you do with the next one if you have no experience in tackling such tasks? These are the questions of any student who takes full responsibility for his or her future. A custom paper is a final resort that might be useful when there are no other ways out.

Gradesaver com is a website that lets you write your own papers and helps you do it well. The main objective of the team is editing. This is how the founders started almost two decades ago. But since the business began to develop, the scope of services has been diversified. The company offers:

  • Editing papers of all academic levels (as mentioned)
  • Providing students with study guides on a great number of literary works (that includes general information about the work, the summary, the analysis of chapters, glossary, themes, quotations, answers to essay questions, related links, and even quizzes)
  • Samples of Literature and College Application essays
  • Lesson plans for beginner teachers
  • Textbook answers with instructions
  • The special section that helps students overcome a writer’s block.


A lot of services are free. But you won’t get all of them unless you become a premium member. You can buy a month membership for $19.95. And a year membership will cost you $99.95. You can also use Gradesaver as an app. It is available on the App Store for free, although it offers in-app purchases.

The Quality of Services

The website keeps (almost) a perfect balance between trying to seem the best offer and being honest. Thus, they admit in the FAQs section that not all the papers are worth an A. But, they add that this is done to provide a customer with a choice of various skill levels.

A lot of students keep wondering “Is Gradesaver legit? If so, why would they write papers of different levels?” We’ve concluded that they are. It is stated in the Terms of Use that only a customer is responsible for using the material from the site. So, if you want to hand a paper in as your own, you really shouldn’t do it! You are allowed to cite some material from the website in your work, but mind that your teacher won’t consider it to be a credible secondary source.
Thus, free samples can only be used for your personal information. Study guides are much more useful, as they give an impression that you have taken a course on a particular book. Moreover, all study guides are written by Harvard students and graduates, which adds them credibility. But, again, not enough to cite them.

Client Support Team

This is definitely a weak point. The only way to contact is to submit a form. No email address or live chat is provided. As an alternative, you can visit social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) pages of the company.

Gradesaver Review: Conclusion

The website has both ups and downs. All in all, it depends on what you expect to get. If you want a customized paper, this is not for you. If you want to find resources you can use in your research, this is not for you either. Still, if you want to write a good paper but feel stuck, the team can surely help you. In case the paper is already written, Gradesaver can provide you with top-notch editing services, which are an indelible part of a writer’s success.
So, don’t wait for a miracle. This website is developed for those who have enough time to work on their own.

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