The Website is among the most searched sites when students are looking for help to get prepared for tests. The founders are Allen Cheng and Fred Cheng. Both of them scored perfect SAT scores in the year 2013. They offer online courses to help students ace their ACT and SATs. They have gone further ahead and hired a team of professional instructors who scored around 99% for most of their tests. Prepscholar has come up with a program that diagnoses the strength and weakness of the students, coming up with ways to motivate and help students improve.

Services Offered at Prepscholar com

They have a unique way of providing services to the students as they cater to the needs of every student. They have divided these into two plans:

  • Self-study plan
  • Tutor-instructed plan

They start by making a student take a diagnostic test to gauge their ability level. This way, they can tell the weak areas of a student and where to focus on. Students then get instructors who guide them on the exact areas to study. The students also get weekly reports on the progress that they are making. Those who seem to be struggling get to have a one on one assistance from the tutors. However, the website does not offer a face to face option for students to interact with their tutors.

Level of Customer Service

Students are mostly on the lookout for a site that’s not complicated to use. is friendly and easy to use. It advertises free technical support. They have a number where their customers can reach them and also an email address. They also have a purchase question hotline. On the site, they offer FAQs which are very helpful to the students.

Prices at

Many students look for pocket-friendly services. Prepscholar com fills this need by having reasonable prices for their clients. They charge $399 for their online services. However, they are quite expensive on the tutor services compared to their competitors; here, their charges start at $995 (inclusive of online courses) which means that not every student can afford it. Also, if you’re looking for an in-person session, this is not your site. They only offer online courses. They are either done with Skype or Google hangouts.

Quality of Service offers a wide range of in-depth, real SAT and ACT guides and examples. They help students in scheduling their study time and give pointers on what will get tested on. The advice that they give is custom made for each student at all levels to aid them in reaching their potential. They also offer a 5-day free trial, and this gives you access to all prep programs. The only disadvantage is that they only provide specialized preparation courses on SAT and ACT. Anyone looking for tests for other courses will have to go other sites.

Money Back Guarantee has a Money Back Guarantee, something that adds to its credibility. This applies to both ACT and SAT courses. They offer a free 5-day trial. If the services are not satisfactory to the customer, they get to get their money back. However, it is vital to note that refunds do not get done to any ration of tutoring packages. There is a one hour guarantee of tutoring services if the clients use the services and do not like the services. You will need to complete specific requirements, e.g., completing the course and getting a previous score attained before taking the course. However, one Prepscholar review from previous clients suggests that it’s not that easy to get their refunds back.

Employees of Prepsholar com

Every student wants to get services from someone who has been there, done that and excelled. Prepscholar com offers precisely that. They take pride in hiring experts who have scored perfectly in their SATs and ACTs. The tutors attend the top colleges and have acquired the skills to help students. The teachers are passionate and talented as they can connect with students.


Prepscholar reviews have been mostly positive. The custom SAT and ACT courses they offer makes them stand out. Students who have signed up with the site have reported improvement and gotten motivation.

Clients ask “is Prepscholar legit?” Well, it is as a lot of students have nothing but praise for them. However, the customers looking for less expensive programs should look elsewhere as their tutoring services are not cheap. Also, it is essential to note that prepscholar com has not been in the industry for long, and that can make one a bit shaky about hiring them. Bottom line is, we would highly recommend them to any student looking to get better grades.

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